Amakusa’s only distillery, making rice, potato, and wheat shochus in both regional & worldwide releases

Amakusa Shuzo is the only brewery located on the Amakusa archipelago. What started as a potato shochu distillery eventually changed to rice and wheat shochus during the reduced-pressure shochu craze. Yutaka Hirashita became the 4th generation owner after graduating from college and returning home: “I want to bring Amakusa’s unique shochu to the world.” This was the idea behind reissuing Amakusa’s original Ikenotsuyu potato shochu. Seven years of planning finally resulted in building a new dedicated stillhouse. Hirahata’s father had kept the distillery’s original aging pots to use when they finally started making potato shochu again; these pots were installed in the new stillhouse after years of waiting. Making potato shochu again was a dream for both father and son. Amakusa’s potato shochu, made with potatoes and rice grown by the distillery, is a full-bodied, sweet shochu with a deep flavor. Hirashita is proud of making shochu that only small distilleries can make, and is experimenting with a rare kabuto-style still. Amakusa produces a wide range of shochus, from delicately sweet rice shochus, to well-aged koshu shochu.

Amakusa Shuzo & Company

Komiyaji 11808, Shinwa-machi, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto-ken 863-0101 
TEL 0969-46-2013 FAX 0969-46-2802

Founded: 1899
Representative: Yutaka Hirashita

Rice (Kumamoto-grown Hinohikari), wheat, sweet potatoes; Yeast: CAN Yeast; Water: Spring water

2015 Kumamoto Tax Office Sake Awards – Honor Prize, Authentic Shochu Group

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