100% koji shochu made with the flavors
of Yamaga water and rice

This new distillery was founded in 2013 to make shochu at what was formerly the Kumamoto Factory of Den-En Shuzo Co., Ltd. VinEx is focused on making highly valued shochu from a small group of employees. Factory manager Toshihisa Takeda learned a lot about sake in Nada, Hyogo Prefecture, considered the mecca for sake, and studied even more at brewing laboratories. “Yamaga’s water is unmatched in flavor. It is a sweet, soft water that is perfect for making gentle shochus. This area is also a famous rice producing region, with some places growing Hinohikari rice judged as Special A rank for three years straight. I want to eventually make a shochu that utilizes the water and rice of this area to their fullest.” Four years after their founding, VinEx is finally ready to offer its Yamaga Kaoru Rice Shochu, a 100% koji shochu that expertly captures the essence of rice as a result of careful control of yeast learned through sake making.

Yamaga Distillery Co.,Ltd.

Aizato 980-1, Kao-machi, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto-ken 861-0565 
TEL 0968-36-3400 FAX 0968-36-3890

Founded: 2013
Representative: Masafumi Honbo

Rice: Hinohikari; Yeast: Kyokai Yeast; Water: On-site Groundwater

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