Quality rice grown with fresh water from over one-thousand springs. It’s why Kumamoto sake is so good.

The mountains of Kyushu and Aso, with its immense caldera, act as the sources for the huge reserves of groundwater that bubble up through the Kumamoto earth. It is believed that there are at least 1000 freshwater springs within the borders of Kumamoto Prefecture.

Layers of volcanic strata topped with soft forest soil act as nature’s own water filter. The end result is supremely high quality mineral water—perfect for sake.

Flavor comes from carefully polished, flavorful rice. Kumamoto, already famous for its rice, now has its first variety developed specifically for sake. Brew masters now have one more tool in their belt.

The special Kumamoto Yeast was developed out of the desire to make sake that reflects the climate of Kumamoto. By bringing out new flavors and aromas, Kumamoto Yeast set off the ginjo sake craze.

Transforming this rice, water, and yeast into sake is then up to the 10 breweries of Kumamoto, who have inherited the skills and soul of the Sake no Kamisama—the god of sake. Kumamoto sake is attaining new heights at the hands of these young brewers.

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Shimasaki 1-7-21, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken, Japan 860-0073 
TEL096-354-4888 FAX096-322-9817